A review of my 2016

In terms of general news, 2016 has been a difficult year. We’ve lost some big names in the world of showbiz – for me, those that hurt the most were Alan Rickman and Victoria Wood – and had some big political changes with the Brexit vote and Donald Trump becoming the President of the United... Continue Reading →

My top five books of the year

It’s that time of year when everyone starts to look back at the year that’s passed and what happened in that time. I’ve seen a lot of posts on Twitter of people’s top books for the year so I thought I’d add my thoughts to that list. JM Hewitt – The Hunger Within I met... Continue Reading →

Coping with an ending

I haven’t blogged for quite a long time now, as you’ll see from the date of the last post, but today’s writing session has been really interesting for me and I wanted to share some thoughts. There is such a thing as ‘resistance’, as described by Steven Pressfield in his book ‘Turning Pro’. Other people... Continue Reading →

What to do next?

Now that I’m back in the writing game, I have a few decisions to make. I’m still (yes, still) finishing off editing on my first book, and I’m anticipating that it will be finished by mid-November. But at the same time – ambitious I know – I’m going to try to work on other projects.... Continue Reading →

Weekend Edition – Planting the Seeds of a Writing Life Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

What a great post. Some very positive advice in here -something we can all understand!

Live to Write - Write to Live

Planting the Seeds of a Writing Life

seedlingThere is no short cut to creating a writing life.

There is no 3-step process, no silver bullet, no magic spell.

You plant the seeds. You water. You wait.

Sometimes you say nice things, nurturing words of encouragement and inspiration.

Sometimes you slip up, and mutter dark, sharp things under your breath. Cutting things that slice carelessly into tender green shoots.

But somehow, the seedling survives.

You say you’re sorry. You add some nutrients to the soil. You let some sunshine in.

You keep writing.

Some days, you think you know how this writing life will turn out. You feel like you have a plan. A purpose. A path. It all makes sense, and you work away – pruning and fertilizing – secure in your sense of certainty.

But then, one day, a new blossom appears, and you don’t recognize it. It doesn’t…

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In the silos of your mind

At the moment it's fair to say I have a lot on my plate. I have a full time job, I’m studying for a diploma, writing and keeping up with family and friends. The latter group have very much fallen by the wayside but hopefully they will forgive me in the summer when it quietens... Continue Reading →

Let Your Mind Push Through That Writing Brick Wall

Great post from Rebecca. Not just about ‘bum on seat’. Taking a break to ponder can be the solution!

Rebecca Bradley

Following the release of Shallow Waters in December last year I have been informing readers that I hope to have DI Hannah Robbins 2 out in the summer this year as it is already partly written. This was a perfectly fine deadline.

That was until I hit a complete brick wall…


I am working in Scrivener so that I can move chapters around at will. I have a full synopsis and know where the story is going and was happily working away on it, using the ability to move chapters around, to allow me to write part of one person’s timeline rather than writing in chronological order. It was working well and I was enjoying it.

But then I started to feel it was coming unstuck….

I had too much freedom. How was I going to piece this damn puzzle back together again? I kept looking at my synopsis, looking…

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Tying up your timeline

I recently read a very good blog post by Mari Hannah in which she talked about the benefits of sticking to your book's timeline. I didn't have one when I wrote my first book - in fact, I didn't even know what a timeline was back then - and now that I'm into the final... Continue Reading →

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