Working with a professional editor

Writing is a very self-involved process. You get wrapped up in your story, your characters and getting to the end. Editing is more of the same. You’re focused on pulling the story apart and putting it back together in the best order that you can find. But once you’ve battled for weeks, or possibly months,... Continue Reading →

Writers who inspire me: Jane Isaac

It’s a while since I wrote about writers who inspire me, but I thought it was time I added another person to my list. When you’re starting out as a writer, you’re likely to have an aim in mind. Whether that’s finishing a novel and seeing it published, or creating short stories, you need to... Continue Reading →

Inform, enrich and entertain

When I was a young cub reporter straight out of journalism college, my very wise (as it turns out) editor told me that our job was to inform enrich and entertain our readers. So, when we discovered that a local auction house was selling off some beekeeping equipment, I was despatched to see what it... Continue Reading →

Writing fast or writing well

When you’re starting out on a new project it’s easy to get carried away. You throw yourself in and start scribbling or typing at manic pace without any real thought about what it is you’re writing. There are two schools of thought on how to write a first draft. One says you should get your... Continue Reading →

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