How do you beat writer’s block?

This recently came up as a question on my GoodReads author page and it’s something that’s worth addressing. There are days when you sit down to write and the words just won’t come. No matter how hard you try you can’t squeeze even a sentence onto the page. Some days may be so awful that... Continue Reading →


Why I prefer PR to marketing

To most people these two concepts are the same thing, but there is a subtle difference. My take on this is that PR (public relations) is about building relationships with your audience, talking directly to them and sharing information both ways. Marketing is all about getting your product under the audience’s nose to try and... Continue Reading →

What’s next after publication?

If you were anywhere near my Twitter or Facebook accounts on Saturday, you may have noticed that I finally self-published my debut crime novel, A Deadly Rejection. Apologies if I deluged you in messages, but I was rather excited. There’s no denying that Saturday was a very surreal day. It was the day when I... Continue Reading →

The day has finally arrived!

The big day has finally arrived and my debut crime novel – A Deadly Rejection – hops up onto the digital shelf. It’s taken a long, long time to get to this point. I first started to write the novel that turned into A Deadly Rejection about 10 years ago. It took me two years... Continue Reading →

For the love of a library

As a keen reader and a writer, you can imagine how passionate I am about libraries. This week (9-14 October) marks national Libraries Week, and I thought I'd talk a bit about what they mean to me. I practically grew up in the library in my home town, spending hours choosing books every Saturday morning.... Continue Reading →

Cover reveal – A Deadly Rejection

All the advice books say that independently published writers have to have a professionally designed cover and, my word, are they right. There is no way I could have come up with something like this! The beautiful cover for my debut crime novel A Deadly Rejection is ready and good to go for the launch... Continue Reading →

Working with a proofreader

If you’re going to make your self-published book look professional, it’s vital that you go through every step that a traditionally published book would go through. Proofreading is a stage that you absolutely can’t do without. Yes, your book has been seen by a professional editor and you’ve read it a thousand times. Your beta... Continue Reading →

Why a writer needs a mentor

Writing, as has been discussed many times, is a solitary job; even if it’s only your hobby at the moment, you can feel very isolated. When I was feeling a bit lost and uninspired in my professional life, I got myself a mentor. She was fantastic. Several years ahead of me in terms of job... Continue Reading →

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