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LM Milford
Lynne (LM) Milford

My name’s LM Milford, and I’m a writer.

You may think that’s a strange thing to say, as clearly I am, but as an unpublished writer I feel like I’m untried and untested.

I currently have two unpublished novels – one of which will be (fingers crossed) independently published later this year. I’ve chosen the independent route for a number of reasons, mostly because I want to be published and on my terms.

It’s been my dream since I was reading Enid Blyton books as a seven-year-old to be an author just like she was. My other inspiration is, of course, JB Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote. To sit at my kitchen table all day tapping away at a typewriter/computer keyboard looks like heaven.

I’ve written on and off for most of my life, but it was only in 2006 while working as a reporter on a local newspaper that I finally discovered the inspiration for what became Book One. That germ of an idea bounced around in my head for weeks until I finally bit the bullet and began to get it down on paper. As I was writing around shift work, it took a very long time to write and, as it wasn’t planned in the slightest, it’s taken even longer to edit. But we’re almost there!

Book Two followed (taking two years to write on and off) and is in its second stage of editing. I’ve written on the blog about how my editing process has changed, so see what you think.

For me, writing is almost never easy, but it’s always fun. I love the fact that I can disappear into another world and become another person for however long I keep writing. Through this blog I’ll share how my writing is going, discuss processes that have helped me, and try to share with you some pearls of wisdom I learn along the way.

Please feel free to comment on posts – I love to hear your stories – and if you’re really enjoying it, sign up to receive email updates and tell your friends!


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