Four inspiring podcasts for writers

Podcasts are an invaluable resource. I was a bit of a latecomer, usually not having the time to listen to them, or so I thought. Then I tried out a couple and found that it was worth making time in my day or week to listen to them.

It’s important to do your research and ask yourself what you want the podcast to do for you. Is it writing inspiration or are you looking for advice to develop or grow your writer business? Who is doing the podcast? Make sure they’re an expert in their field so that you’re getting good quality advice. How can you access the podcast? Are they available on a platform that you can access? I refuse to use iTunes (a personal foible as I’m an Android lass) so I look for those that are available to me through Stitcher or downloadable online.

My needs at this point are mixed. Yes, I want writing advice and inspiration, but I also want marketing ideas as I’m preparing to promote my first novel. So here are the podcasts I listen to regularly:

1 The Creative Penn – Joanna is very well known in the writing community as an expert in all things publishing, marketing and writing. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time and her advice is invaluable. Her podcasts run for about an hour including a round-up of news from the publishing industry, an update on her work and an interview with an expert in a whole range of writing and publishing fields. I listen to this almost every week and binge on any that I’ve missed while on holiday! I always learn something new and it’s so invaluable that I sponsor the podcast on Patreon. Give it a try when you’ve got a spare hour and you’ll always learn something.

2 Ann Kroeker – Ann is a writing coach whose podcast I discovered recently but it’s quickly become a firm favourite. The podcasts are short – usually less than 10 minutes – but very informative and inspiring. My favourites so far have been about learning something new every day, whether that’s a new technology or reading a new article for research, and having a growth mindset. The latter talks about not staying in one mindset, but allowing yourself to grow and change. As I said, Ann’s podcasts are a bite-size piece of inspiration making you think differently about yourselves and how you approach you right writing.

3 Janet Murray – this isn’t a writing or publishing podcast, but aimed at PR tactics for small businesses. If you’re working towards self-esteem publishing, or even working with a traditional publisher, you are in fact a small business. You’ll have to do a significant amount of PR and marketing and Jan’s advice will be invaluable. She keeps it simple, recognising that not everyone has her skill level and understanding. She has a mixture of short and longer episodes, interviews or just pieces from her, so there’s something for all occasions. I have no vested interest in Jan’s business – I just find her advice and tips really helpful.

4 The Creative Life Show – this is a podcast run by creative coach Joanna Pieters. It’s interview-based but with people from all creative walks of life, whether that’s writers, artists or creative business owners. There is some fascinating stuff there and Joanna’s bubbly manner is really engaging. This is another very inspiring podcast that makes me come away full of ideas and enthusiasm.

So there you have it, my favourite podcasts. I think the common theme is inspiration. Writers are solitary creatures and it’s nice to have a comforting voice in your ear and hear how all creative people struggle with self-doubt at some point. In addition, when you’re feeling exhausted during a long term project, like writing a novel and preparing for publication, it’s good to have that inspiration and encouragement.

Next week I’m going to be writing about why everyone needs a mentor and a big chunk of that is about support and inspiration.

I hope you check out the podcasts and get as much inspiration as I do.


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