Let Your Mind Push Through That Writing Brick Wall

Great post from Rebecca. Not just about ‘bum on seat’. Taking a break to ponder can be the solution!

Rebecca Bradley

Following the release of Shallow Waters in December last year I have been informing readers that I hope to have DI Hannah Robbins 2 out in the summer this year as it is already partly written. This was a perfectly fine deadline.

That was until I hit a complete brick wall…


I am working in Scrivener so that I can move chapters around at will. I have a full synopsis and know where the story is going and was happily working away on it, using the ability to move chapters around, to allow me to write part of one person’s timeline rather than writing in chronological order. It was working well and I was enjoying it.

But then I started to feel it was coming unstuck….

I had too much freedom. How was I going to piece this damn puzzle back together again? I kept looking at my synopsis, looking…

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