IWSG: Playing my part

Come and join the club!
Come and join the club!

Today’s blog is brought to you in association with the Insecure Writers Support Group, a place for like-minded writing souls to gather and support each other.

My problem at the moment isn’t creativity when it comes to fiction. It’s all systems go in that area, but this means my blogging creativity is suffering.

So far this year, my consistency hasn’t been good. I worry at times that I’m starting to write about the same thing over and over again (yes, editing!) and this leads me to question keeping the blog up and running.

I’ve always said I’m a writer-who-blogs and therefore my blog comes second to my latest novel / piece of fiction. However, I still consider my blog to be very important. It’s a great way to talk to the writing community in a meaningful way and to get support, as well as – hopefully – supporting and advising others. Every time I post as part of the IWSG I get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling when nice comments and support pour in.

So instead of backing off from the blog, I’m making some pledges. I recently read an article which said you should make 10mins a day to read other people’s blogs and comment on them. So that’s what I’m going to do. It’s easy to get tied up in your own stats and work and forget to play your part in the community.

As part of this pledge, I’ll be trying to post more regularly and play my part in supporting others. So keep those blog posts coming and I’ll be coming along to read!

Please do let me know which blog you’re from and I’ll do my best to get round and have a look!

3 thoughts on “IWSG: Playing my part

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  1. I feel much the same way as you do. My blog comes second in the realm of writing. Sometimes is comes in a the end of a VERY long list of other things I’m working on. That, of course, leads to guilt. I really enjoy writing on my blog as well. It is just a game of balance.
    It’s great that you have a plan for sharing and reading other blogs. Good luck and know you are not alone in sorting out time.
    Leanne Ross ( readfaced.wordpress.com & @LeanneRossRF )

    1. Thanks Leanne. I think I’m going to find it quite difficult to keep up with blog reading among all my other commitments but nothing worth doing is ever easy, eh? Good luck to you too.

  2. You can only do so much. Choose your priorities. Easy to say, hard to do. Best wishes.
    Diane Burton IWSG #144 (this month)

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