When is blogging not good for writers

Opinions are very mixed in the publishing world about whether an author needs a blog. When I launched this blog 18 months ago, everything I read online seemed to be saying that an author needed an online platform, somewhere they can engage with readers. Many sources recommended having a blog. Now though, a lot of these authors who waxed lyrical about how much they loved blogging have changed their minds and are reducing the amount of time they spend on their blog.

I have to admit I love reading other people’s blogs and I love it when other people comment on or like something I’ve posted on my blog. But when it comes to writing, I’d much rather be working on my fiction than my blog. I’m not really sure why, because the blog calls for much shorter pieces and is usually easier to write for. Perhaps it’s because I like the bigger picture, the longer game and keeping alive my dream of being a published writer. (Or perhaps it’s just because I have an attack of nerves whenever I have to hit publish!)

The reason my blog has been quiet recently is that on February 1st I started work on my third novel and it’s my belief that – at this stage – my fiction has to take precedence over everything else. Until I publish something fiction-wise, I don’t really have anything to promote or share and as a writer my long-term goal is to get published. Once I’ve published my books, my social network will be a way for my readers to interact with me but until then, I have other priorities.

The blog, moving forwards from here, will be used to update you on my progress and to share advice which I’ve found helpful along the way, but during the coming months my focus will be on my fiction. Don’t be put off by this – I’ll be coming back as often as I can, so sign up to follow the blog by email at the link above and you can keep up with it. It’s great to hear from you so keep those comments coming or follow me on Twitter.

Take care, catch you soon!

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  1. Hi Lynne, i completely understand your reservations about committing too much time to blogging. I only started mine like you on the advice that I needed an online platform. I was sceptical at first that it would be worth the time and effort but I found that I really enjoy blogging. But I’ve cut back the number of posts I write as I was finding it hard to sustain a weekly post without the stimulus of my MLitt course. Now I’m just blogging as and when the mood takes me. The post I wrote today was like a warm-up before I return to my WIP but ultimately with limited time, the WIP comes first. Best of luck with your 3rd novel 😉

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