Writing fast or writing well

When you’re starting out on a new project it’s easy to get carried away. You throw yourself in and start scribbling or typing at manic pace without any real thought about what it is you’re writing. There are two schools of thought on how to write a first draft. One says you should get your... Continue Reading →

Two top tactics for plotting and editing

Whether you’re writing something brand new or breathing life back into a manuscript you’ve found languishing in a drawer, getting started can be tough. Keeping track of your story line and getting balance right is always difficult. However, courtesy of Roz Morris I’ve found a couple of tactics that really work. The card game This... Continue Reading →

A review of my 2016

In terms of general news, 2016 has been a difficult year. We’ve lost some big names in the world of showbiz – for me, those that hurt the most were Alan Rickman and Victoria Wood – and had some big political changes with the Brexit vote and Donald Trump becoming the President of the United... Continue Reading →

My top five books of the year

It’s that time of year when everyone starts to look back at the year that’s passed and what happened in that time. I’ve seen a lot of posts on Twitter of people’s top books for the year so I thought I’d add my thoughts to that list. JM Hewitt – The Hunger Within I met... Continue Reading →

Coping with an ending

I haven’t blogged for quite a long time now, as you’ll see from the date of the last post, but today’s writing session has been really interesting for me and I wanted to share some thoughts. There is such a thing as ‘resistance’, as described by Steven Pressfield in his book ‘Turning Pro’. Other people... Continue Reading →

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